Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the app?

OurStreets gives you the power to share road safety and mobility issues. To make a report, select the issue you’re observing and follow the prompts. We’ll take care of the rest! Sit back. You’re making your community safer and healthier.

I don’t see any reports near me. Why is that?

OurStreets is a community-driven platform, and we rely on users to share street safety near them. If there are no nearby reports, it means there are not many OurStreets users sharing in your area. Get things started in your area by making the first report, then share OurStreets with your friends and neighbors!

How much does OurStreets cost?

The OurStreets app is free to use!

OurStreets data dashboards are available for advocacy partners. For more information, say hello here.

If you’re a municipal agency or advocacy organization wishing to use OurStreets, contact us for more information.

How does OurStreets use my data?

OurStreets works with a variety of partners, including, but not limited to, advocacy organizations, municipalities, and shared mobility operators—and we take individual privacy very seriously. Data that you share with OurStreets, like reports of dangerous driving activity, are aggregated before being shared. OurStreets never shares personally identifying information with the general public, other users, or any of our customers or partners.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Does using OurStreets violate any privacy laws?

Nope! OurStreets users are private citizens sharing information about and in places open to the general public.

When sharing a report with OurStreets, be mindful of others around you and ensure you are not putting your safety or the safety of others at risk.

Do I have to take a photo when sharing with OurStreets?

Not at all! Snapping a photo is always optional when sharing with OurStreets.

If you do want to take a photo, and are unable to share immediately, that’s alright too. Simply wait until you’re ready to submit, then upload your photo. We’ll use your photo’s timestamp and location to help create an accurate report.

Tell me a little more about OurStreets.

OurStreets launched in January 2020 as a tool to share issues like dangerous driving and shared mobility and public right-of-way issues. OurStreets is a community-driven platform that you can use to see and share the issues that impact you and your community. At OurStreets, we’re amplifying people power for healthier and safer communities.

How can I find out more about OurStreets?

You can take a look at the OurStreets website, stay up to date with our blog, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for regular updates.

Should I be reporting infrastructure issues to OurStreets?

OurStreets is best when users share things to make their community safer and healthier. We believe that infrastructure issues like broken bollards or unpainted crosswalks are best handled by the proper authority in your community. Contact your local 311 or government to find out how to best report infrastructure and other related issues.