Does Cannondale Make Electric Bikes?

Cannondale is one of the top bicycle manufacturers in the industry today, and they are known for making superior mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, hybrid bikes, and kids’ bikes.

They are used by bikers of all ages, experience levels, and fitness levels across the country and around the world, from commuters and hobbyists to professional athletes.

The short answer to the main question is yes, Cannondale does make a line of highly high-rated electric bikes.

The longer answer will be covered in this article, which will go over electric bikes in general, and then get into some of the nitty-gritty details about Cannondale electric bikes specifically.

Additionally, we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about electric bikes.

What Is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike, also known as an e-bike, visually resembles the structure of a traditional bike. The main difference is that an e-bike comes with a built-in motor (usually battery-powered) that allows the rider to travel on two wheels without needing to pedal.

Electric bikes open up many possibilities for riders, allowing them to travel further, faster, and with more gear. E-bikes work by making the activity of biking more accessible to those who are older, physically challenged or returning to the sport after a period of inactivity. 

You can apply the electric assistance constantly or only when you need a little boost to get up a steep hill. How you use it is entirely up to you!

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What Is Cannondale’s Electric Bike?

Cannondale has an entire line of electric bikes. This section will cover essential details about each of the options and help you make an informed decision about which model is suitable for you and your needs! 

Electric Road Bikes

Cannondale offers nine different models of award-winning electric bikes. They come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, meaning that people of any size can go for a ride.

They have bikes that are built for pure speed and efficiency, allowing riders to reach new limits in training. They are designed for minimal drag to make sure nothing slows down your ride.

Cannondale’s electric gravel bikes also fall into this category and are a popular design for their creative ability to ride both on paved roads and gravel or dirt. This all-terrain bike can be taken anywhere, in any condition. 

Check out the following series of Cannondale electric road bikes:

  • Topstone Neo 
  • Synapse Neo
  • SuperSix EVO Neo

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Electric Mountain Bikes

Cannondale offers nine different models in their electric mountain bike line, called the Moterra Neo series.

The development of electric mountain bikes has the ability to change the nature of the sport itself. With the help of battery power from one of Cannondale’s nine different models, you’ll be able to tackle climbs and obstacles that would otherwise not be possible with a traditional bike.

Riding an electric mountain bike on the trails will provide an entirely new, exciting experience that will help you improve as a rider and an athlete. 

Electric Commuter Bikes

Electric bikes are a popular option for commuters who are looking for a more environmentally friendly option than driving a car to and from work every day. Commuter bikes are built for comfort, with a soft saddle and a frame that helps you keep proper posture. 

The electric power added to your pedaling will help propel you through the streets, with extra bright headlights and mirrors to help keep you safe from other vehicles.

Cannondale offers several styles of electric commuter bikes. They include:

  • The Adventure Neo Series
  • The Canvas Neo Series
  • The Mavaro Neo Series

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes

This section will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about electric bikes! 

  • How far can I ride on an electric bike?
    How far you can ride depends on the specific type of e-bike you are riding and its battery life. It also depends on how fast you travel, elevation, terrain, and how much you pedal, in addition to the electric power.
  • How do I recharge my electric bike?
    Recharging an electric bike is simple, and most batteries can be charged right in your home, garage, or office. The charging unit is usually detachable from the bike itself, so you can quickly bring it inside to plug into a regular outlet.
  • What is the range of my electric bike?
    While the specific range varies depending on the size of the battery and how it is used, most electric bikes have an impressive range of at least 20 miles. On the higher end of the scale, specific models of Cannondale’s electric bikes have a charge range of 100 miles. You will be able to see the range and remaining miles you have left on your smartphone or on the digital display of the bike itself, in the same way, that you can see the miles of gas your car has left.
  • Do I have to pedal while riding an electric bike?
    Yes, pedaling is still required to be able to travel on an e-bike. How hard you pedal and how much electric assistance you use is entirely up to you.
  • Can I ride my electric bike without adding power?
    Yes, you do not need to apply the stored battery power to be able to travel on your electric bike. If you’re not in a rush, you can choose to save battery by cruising with only the power generated by your pedaling, just like a traditional bike.
  • Can I ride in inclement weather? 
    Each of the parts of Cannondale’s electric bikes has been designed to be completely waterproof, so you can get out and ride no matter the weather conditions! Remaining your bike after getting it wet is recommended to prevent rust. It’s also recommended to store your bike covered or indoors to keep it in top condition for a long time.
  • Final Thoughts

    There you have it! Everything you need to know about Cannondale’s line of electric bikes in one helpful, informative guide. Be sure to always use a helmet for protection, whether riding a traditional or electric bike. Once you have your head covered, you’ll be ready to hit the streets even faster and more efficiently than ever!