Do Electric Bikes Work Without Pedaling?

Have you ever seen an electric bike zoom past you down the street? Maybe you stopped and asked yourself, “Do electric bikes work without pedaling?”

The simple answer is yes. Some electric bikes do work without pedaling! However, there’s more to the story than that.

This article will cover the ins and outs of electric bikes, including what electric bikes require pedaling and which don’t.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to confidently answer the question “do electric bikes work without pedaling?” and other major questions about these exciting new rides. 

What Is an Electric Bike?

Before diving into the question “do electric bikes work without pedaling?” you need to understand what makes an electric bike different from other two-wheeled vehicles.

Like your traditional analog bike, electric bikes (also called eBikes) have two wheels and two-foot pedals. 

But like motorcycles or scooters, you can reach faster speeds with less physical effort on an electric bike thanks to the electric motor integrated into the body. 

Electric bikes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While some eBikes are styled after old-fashioned beach cruisers, others are more utility-oriented, with small cargo areas in the back for making deliveries or carrying additional items. 

Some eBikes are even designed to look like different motorcycles and dirt bikes for a more rugged vibe. 

The 3 Classes of Electric Bikes

Knowing how to answer “do electric bikes work without pedaling” requires knowing the difference between the types of electric bikes on the market. To keep it simple, there are three main classes of electric bikes:

Class 1:

This class of eBikes features motors that only operate as the rider pedals. The motor of a Class 1 eBike will automatically shut off once the rider reaches a speed of 20 mph. Sometimes, this class of electric bike is referred to as a pedelec.

Class 2: 

Do electric bikes work without pedaling? Class 2 eBikes sure can! Like Class 1 bikes, the motor will shut off at around 20 mph while pedaling, but these bikes also have a throttle built-in, which lets the bike reach 20 mph without a single pedal rotation.

Class 3:

The most powerful class of eBike, Class 3 bikes give riders pedal assist up to 28 mph and 20 mph on the throttle. However, not all Class 3 eBikes feature a throttle—some states, like California, don’t allow Class 3 eBikes with a throttle as a feature.

The three classes of eBike were created to help state legislatures build their laws surrounding eBikes. Each state has its own laws related to where eBikes are allowed or not allowed to be ridden, as well as how fast you are allowed to travel down specific pathways while on an eBike. 

Before making an eBike purchase, check in with your state or county’s laws regarding electric bikes to make the right decision for you!

You’ll notice that the three different classes of eBike all provide a different answer to the question of “do electric bikes work without pedaling.” 

While Class 1 and Class 3 bikes will allow riders to pedal less while achieving higher speeds, only Class 2 electric bikes guarantee that riders can cruise along the road without pedaling once. 

Is It Safe To Ride an Electric Bike Without Pedaling?

As with any vehicle, safety is of the utmost importance when riding an electric bike! Just like on an analog bike, not pedaling on an eBike can be safe in some contexts and dangerous in others. 

Awareness of your surroundings and understanding your electric bike is crucial to staying safe on the road. Many eBikes include built-in safety features that will assist you, but it’s up to you to follow best practices for electric bike safety.

Keeping one’s feet on the pedals is the best way to maintain your stability on the bike; it will also allow you to react more quickly if you need to turn, brake, or stop the bike. So, make sure your bike is adjusted to allow you to reach the pedals easily. 

While electric bikes with a throttle will not require you to pedal while the throttle is activated, keeping your feet on the pedals is an absolute must for maintaining your safety on the bike. 

Do I Need an Electric Bike That Can Work Without Pedaling?

Now that you can answer the question, “do electric bikes work without pedaling?” you may wonder whether or not you need an eBike that doesn’t require you to pedal. 

Remember that all Class 1 eBikes and some Class 3 require pedaling from riders, while Class 2 eBikes do not require any pedaling from riders.

To address this question, let’s consider the type of riders and settings that are best suited for each class of eBike:

Class 1

These electric bikes are best suited for riders who plan to take pathways and bike lanes alongside traditional bikers. Class 1 bikes are not street legal due to their slower speed and may not be an excellent choice for those planning to commute via bicycle. 

However, bikers looking for some extra power on casual rides should consider Class 1 bikes. (Some states are even starting to allow these on mountain bike paths!)

Class 2

With their limited top speed, Class 2 eBikes are best suited to the same areas and pathways as their Class 1 counterparts. 

However, the addition of the throttle means you can achieve those same speeds without any physical exertion, which may make Class 2 bikes an excellent option for anyone looking to bike paths and bike lanes primarily but need the option to ride without pedaling. 

Class 3

Class 3 electric bikes can achieve speeds up to 28 mph. Some Class 3 bikes have throttles while others do not, but all must feature a speedometer. 

If you’re looking for an eBike that can allow you to keep up with street traffic or more cargo, a Class 3 bike may be your best choice. However, you should know that these bikes are typically not allowed on mountain biking trails or designated bike lanes.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Bikes?

“Do electric bikes work without pedaling?” is only the beginning of the many questions you may have about eBikes. What else can an eBike provide bike riders that other two-wheel vehicles can’t?

The truth is that eBikes offer many benefits to a wide range of people—from city commuters and gig workers to biking enthusiasts looking for a thrill. Aside from the ability to be ridden without pedaling, some of the main benefits of electric bikes include:

Pedal Assist

Many people assume that you do not have to pedal any electric bikes thanks to the fantastic power of pedal assist. Pedal assist gives riders an extra boost of power through the motor as they pedal. Higher levels of power assist give the rider more power with less pedaling. 

The next time you see an electric bike rider flying down a bike path, take a closer look—you may find that they’re using pedal assist in pedaling more slowly while still speeding along. 

Faster Rides

Less friction means more fun! With the help of pedal assist and an integrated motor, eBikes allow riders to achieve higher speeds than are possible on most everyday bicycles. 

If you’re looking for a bike that will help you keep a steady pace on city roads, an eBike may be just what you need. (Class 3 bikes are incredibly speedy, making them popular with errand and gig drivers!)


With electric bikes, less truly is more. While other smaller motorized commuter vehicles (like scooters or mopeds) are also known for their portability, electric bikes take up even less room on the road, in your parking spot, or wherever you need to bring your ride. The size is great news if you plan to bring your eBike on a biking trip in your area.

Uphill Riding

Do you have to ride uphill to work or enjoy doing incline biking for exercise? eBikes allow riders to traverse minor inclined pathways much more easily than standard bikes can. The motor will kick on with an electric bike if it senses you are riding at less than 15 mph. 

This feature can make eBikes an excellent choice for riders who may otherwise have trouble traveling up an incline. However, always prioritize your safety when traveling on an incline with an eBike. The throttles are not intended for use up inclines of any level. 

Terrain Travel

eBikes can help bikers take the road less traveled. Rather than a mountain bike or other off-road vehicles. All-terrain Class 1 electric bikes are available to help riders take their ride off the road with ease and comfort. 

Just be sure to check your state’s biking laws regarding electric bikes on mountain biking pathways!

So, Do Electric Bikes Work Without Pedaling? 

Yes, some electric bikes can work without pedaling—and they can do even more, too! If you are in the market for an electric bike, consider the setting you’ll be in to determine which class of eBike you will need. In addition, research your local laws regarding eBikes so you can be informed before use.