Can You Manually Pedal An Electric Bike?

Yes, you can manually pedal an electric bike.

Most electric bikes on the market have pedals that you can use to propel the bike. You can use these pedals in tandem with the throttle or separately.

The idea of manually pedaling an electric bike might seem strange, but it’s the perfect way for you to enjoy cycling.

Propelling the bike manually can also help recharge the battery if it runs out.

Modes of Electric Bikes

We previously explained that you could manually pedal an electric bike.

A variety of reasons can influence your decision to use the pedals, including recharging the battery.

You can also choose to pedal because you want to enjoy riding your bike. Cycling is quite enjoyable, especially when you are accompanied by your friends.

Most of the electric bikes (e-bikes) on the market come in three modes.

These include:


Full-manual mode occurs when you use your energy to propel the electric bike to move. In this case, you can manually pedal an electric bike like you would pedal any other bicycle. Cyclists often resort to this option when their electric bike’s battery runs out. 

E-bikes are similar to the normal bicycles you are used to. The only difference is that electric bikes have a battery and a small motor attached.

Consequently, manually pedaling an electric bike is not strange since this is what most people do.

The full-manual mode is crucial and handy because you can still use your bike before recharging its battery. Along with enjoying the experience itself, this is a great way to exercise.

You can use your electric bike to keep fit without buying another manual bike.

Eco Mode

Eco mode occurs when you can manually pedal the bicycle and also use electric power to propel it. In other words, electric and manual power are used to propel the bike. 

Why use both modes when you could simply opt for electric mode? Eco mode allows you to speed up your bike where necessary. For instance, if the bike isn’t going as fast as you want, you can manually pedal it to give it more power.

Using eco mode also ensures that your battery lasts longer. Cycling occasionally recharges the battery, giving you more performance when you need it the most.

The power reserved while cycling can help you to move uphill. You don’t have to struggle to pedal uphill since the eclectic power will help you.


Full-electric mode uses electric power from the battery and the motor.

You can switch to full-electric mode when traveling along flat surfaces. When you want to use your bike to get to a specific destination without straining, the electric mode can be helpful.

The full-electric mode can make a huge difference if your work involves moving around throughout the day. 

With full-electric mode, you don’t have to cycle the bike to propel it to move forward or faster.

Depending on the bike, some can go for hundreds of miles for a single charge. The bike’s speed varies when using full electric mode. 

If you are considering shopping for an electric bike, it’s worth evaluating the bike’s performance based on maximum speed and how long it can travel on a single full charge.

Why Use an Electric Bike?

Since you can manually pedal your electric bike, you might be curious to know why you should still opt for an electric bike over conventional bikes without a battery and motor.

The following reasons should convince you to buy an electric bike if you haven’t bought one yet.

Cover More Distance

Electric bikes are designed to help riders cover more distance than traditional bikes. Some e-bike designs feature an assist mode to help cyclists move easier and faster.

If you are frequently engaged in highly mobile activity, owning an e-bike can help you cover more distance without straining.

Take Advantage of Charging Technology

We are all accustomed to charging our smartphones and other digital devices. Similar technology is used on electric bicycles.

You can plug and charge the battery for a while before using it. Some e-bikes come with an extra battery.

You can use your electric bike to ride long distances without worrying about recharging the battery.

Increased Safety and Flexibility

Cities are becoming more congested every day. Whether you plan to pedal your electric bike or use full electric mode, your bike can help you maneuver from one location to another.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about where you can park your e-bike since you can fold it and park it in a small space. Electric bikes also offer safer cycling modes and features.

Support Body Fitness

Cycling is a great way to keep yourself fit and strong. One of the main perks of e-bikes is that you can manually pedal them for fun or fitness reasons.

By riding your bike more often, you can achieve your weight-loss or fitness goals in the long run. 

You don’t need any extra equipment to exercise. Therefore, electric bikes can be a cost-effective way of getting fit while having fun in the process.

You can join cycling teams and have fun riding. Your support team will motivate you to break a sweat and shed off the extra pounds.

E-Bikes are Trending

There is a good reason why e-bikes are trending today. As you’ve noticed, they offer convenient ways of moving around and can also be used for fitness purposes. T

he fact that eclectic bikes are trendy proves you can use them to travel around without looking odd. Keep in mind that modern foldable designs allow for easier storage.

So, you won’t have to worry about packing your bike.

Generally, it is possible to pedal an electric bike manually. You might need to do it to recharge your battery when it dies.

You can also pedal your bike for fun and exercise – to get fit or simply to have fun moving around. If you don’t own an electric bike, it’s time to shop for one today.