Team Spotlight: UX Designer Florence Wang

A look behind the scenes at how we’re making OurStreets quicker and easier to use


Florence Wang is a talented UX designer lending us a hand — and a sharp eye for design — as we develop and improve the OurStreets app. Over the last month, she’s worked tirelessly to refresh the look and feel of OurStreets, streamline the user flow, and interview users to create new features to make the app more helpful for everyone.

Many of our latest user-friendly feature updates, like being able to submit multiple items on one screen, came about thanks to changes Florence designed and implemented. We asked her to share a little about her approach to design and her goals for the OurStreets user experience.

What drew you to OurStreets?

I love OurStreets because of what we are doing for the community — encouraging people to pay it forward by reporting supply levels at their local grocery stores. I found OurStreets through after weeks of being on different projects that weren’t the right fit. When I joined OurStreets, the team was immediately so welcoming, and I could tell their mission to make grocery trips easier for everyone was prevalent in everything they did.

One of my biggest goals with OurStreets is to increase user retention through encouraging people to share reports.

I love OurStreets because of what we are doing for the community — encouraging people to pay it forward

What does a typical day look like? What are you focused on right now?

A typical day includes attending the team’s daily standup, then plotting my day with user interviews, designing wireframes, prototyping, or evaluating the product roadmap to change or add new features. Our design sprints are usually a week long, so we juggle multiple tasks in a short amount of time!

What role or industry were you in before UX design? How do skills or experiences from that work help or shape your approach to design?

Before I was in UX design, I was in veterinary school for a year. My background in science has helped me make more data-driven decisions in my design process.

What’s the biggest challenge for you right now?

The biggest challenge is handling the quick pace of our design sprints while upholding the highest design quality.

We are pushing out new features as fast as possible to meet the needs of our users.

supplies screenshot

But wait, there’s more!

See Florence’s expertise at work in OurStreets, available today from the App Store or Google Play. Plus, she and the rest of us on the OurStreets design team have some exciting new projects in the works, so follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop.