Paying it Forward is Easier Than Ever

Share multiple items at a time with a new sharing flow.


Today, we’re launching a new sharing flow for OurStreets Supplies. Start sharing with OurStreets here.

We built Supplies so neighbors could share what’s in stock with the people around them. It’s one meaningful thing you can do to help people out right now. More efficient shopping trips are safer for you, safer for front-line employees, and safer for everyone else you encounter. So it’s important that when you’re using OurStreets to make your community safer and stronger, it’s quick and easy.

We’ve heard from users that they can be uncomfortable using their phones in grocery stores, and that when they do share what’s in stock, they want a simple way to select everything that was available or not. We’ve even experienced it ourselves, too, as we’ve used OurStreets in our own neighborhoods.

So we set out to create a better, easier-to-use reporting flow. Today, you’ll see how we’re making it easier for you.

Select Multiple Items and Stock Levels At Once

With OurStreets Supplies, you can share everything that was in stock during your shopping trip. We designed a brand new user interface so you can share how much was in stock for multiple items in one go.

“We saw that there was this problem around when or where to use the app, so you’re not spending more time in the store,” explains Sarah Glenn, UX/UI Designer. “We realized we needed to limit the issues that might prevent someone from sharing what they saw on OurStreets Supplies.”

A quicker sharing flow means it only takes a few short moments and clicks to let others know where you’re finding essential supplies like toilet paper and disinfectant spray. Those few seconds make a huge difference when you’re trying to get in and out stores quickly, and matter a lot for vulnerable people who are taking extra precautions to shop safely.

“We’re trying to lift that little burden in sharing what’s in stock. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but sharing on the app really does help your neighbors. We think our improved sharing flow really helps make that possible,” says UX/UI designer Florence Wang.

Start Sharing with OurStreets

We make it easy for you to pay it forward and help others find the essential supplies they need. With OurStreets, you make shopping trips short and safe for everyone!

To use our new sharing flow and to help others find what they need, download OurStreets from the App Store or Google Play today.