One Month of Supplies

Finding out what’s in stock, where.


Last month, we launched OurStreets Supplies to help neighbors share what’s in stock to make shopping trips safer and more efficient. It has been an incredible experience for our small team.

supplies icons with party hats

We got curious and started digging into the data. We were impressed with some of the stats from our first month.

🇺🇸 People in all 50 states shared with OurStreets last monthThey shared an incredible 22,345 times! Every time you share what’s in stock with OurStreets, you make it easier and safer for the people around you to find groceries and essential supplies.

⬅️➡️ With OurStreets, you also help the most vulnerable people avoid crowded stores or stores that are not encouraging social distancing when you share social distancing information. Of the more than 2,000 individual stores that OurStreets users shopped at last month, 9% did not have the space or encourage social distancing. Remember, six feet can save lives!

🧻 One every-day item has been searched for and shared the most. Whether you’re an over-the-roll or under-the-roll person, TP is the crown prince of necessity right now.

See how many folks shared that two-ply on our infographic below:

supplies infographic

What a month it’s been!

  1. Our top three communities last month were the Washington, D.C. metro area; Pittsburgh, PA; and San Jose, CA. [We wrote more last week about how you can get an OurStreets community started in your neighborhood].(
  2. We released 10 new features last month, like the ability to search for supplies anywhere in the country. We’re keeping the pace up, and have new features on our roadmap that will improve the sharing flow. We can’t wait to talk about it more.
  3. There were 22,345 total shares at 2,836 unique stores across the country. 20% of those shares were about toilet paper!
  4. We’re grateful for 42 press mentions last month. From local news to national outlets, the recognition we’ve earned reinforces the mission we’re on to make every community across the country stronger.

Pay it forward with OurStreets this week. Sharing what’s in stock is an easy way to help your neighbors make more efficient shopping trips. It’ll make you feel good, too.

Download OurStreets from the App Store or Google Play today.