5 Best Bikes for Heavy People (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Biking is a fantastic hobby, and weight should never be a factor that limits who can participate. Many people enjoy biking as a past-time, to commute, or to get in exercise.

No matter what you need a bike for, here’s a list of some of the best bikes for heavy people to enjoy. There are different models to serve various functions, including electric bikes.

You can also explore a few tips to help you decide with the buyer’s guide. Let’s kick off with reviews so you can get riding.

Bikes for Heavy People Reviews

Here’s a close look at the pros and cons of each bike option. You’ll get the full run-down of everything you need to know about these bikes for heavy riders.

Keep an eye out for details on height, as this can impact riding comfort and safety based on how well the bike fits your measurements.

1. sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, 1/3/7/21 Speed Bicycles, 26'/24' Wheels, Multiple Colors

A sleek, cute bike for heavy people is the sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser. This bike should be comfortable, and the company offers wheel options between 24″ and 26″ for riders 5′ to 6′.

The customization of this bike is one of its drawing features. Besides wheel size, you can also select how many speeds your bike has. The speeds are the gears available, making it harder or easier to pedal under different riding conditions.

Single-speed bikes can be simple, and they have an easy backpedal brake. These bikes are often ideal for beginners.

Multiple speed options make it easy for any level rider to find a bike suited to their needs. Ensuring you have the proper equipment and taking the time to prepare yourself for a ride can prevent injuries.

You also have a wide array of color options. This bike has a beautiful and ergonomic design for relaxing rides around neighborhoods.

Conveniently, it already has a bike rack. These accessories can make it easier to attach bags or strap-down extra belongings for short rides.

The designers of this bike did have relaxed riding in mind, and it may not handle more vigorous activity well. Lower-speed bikes struggle on hills, and the tires are thin for off-road activities.

When your bike arrives, you may also find it challenging to assemble. The instructions can be unclear, but there is a helpful video online.

Overall, this bike is an impressive option that is easy to customize to your needs. It’s a sleek, attractive bike with fun color options that can be rare to find with a 300 lb weight capacity.


  • Comfortable bike for casual riding
  • Extremely customizable
  • Attractive designs


  • Difficult assembly

2. NAKTO Electric City Commuter Bike

NAKTO Electric Bicycle Cargo Electric Bike for Adult 26' Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear Step Thru EBike 25MPH 25-30Miles Removable Waterproof Large Capacity 36V10A Lithium Battery & Pedal Assist

Next, the NAKTO Electric City Commuter bike is a fun and comfortable option for travel. It’s a great option to get into electric bikes if you’ve never tried them.

This bike is easy to control, and the electric throttle is straightforward. The bike comes with six speeds and a typical gear shift system.

You can choose how powerful the bike is and how long the battery will last by deciding between a 250W or 350W battery.

Along with customizing the power, there are plenty of options for wheel size. Decide the most comfortable option for you between 20″, 22″, and 26″ wheels.

One of the best features of this bike is the step-thru design. This ergonomic design is ideal for riders with joint issues, as you don’t have to swing your leg over the bike. Staying active is a great way to keep your pains in check.

The sleek bike design is comfortable for long rides and can still slip through city streets. For safety, you might appreciate the multiple horn options. This feature can help you on the road or alert others if you’re in need.

Like all electric bikes, the sturdy frame and battery add quite a bit of weight to this bike. Depending on custom options, you could expect the bike to weigh between 50 to 70 lbs.

This weight isn’t the heaviest, but it certainly requires consideration if you plan on traveling with or storing the bike. That sturdy frame can support 300 lbs.

It’s also worth mentioning that electric bikes require detailed assembly. This bike can be especially hard to construct, as the instructions are vague. Additionally, shipping can sometimes damage parts.

Still, it’s a comfortable and convenient electric bike option if you’re interested in experiencing the ease of assisted riding. It’s one of the best bikes for heavy people who want an everyday commute bike.


  • Easy to control
  • Comes with horn
  • Multiple bike size and power options


  • Challenging to assemble
  • The bike may come with damaged parts

3. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Light Blue

Now, this may be one of the best bikes for heavy people who are interested in mountain biking. The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike is an impressive option that can support up to 350 lbs.

This bike has 4-inch wide fat tires, making it ideal for all terrains. You might even enjoy riding this bike in the sand and snow.

Fat tire bikes can still be comfortable on concrete and level surfaces. Some people can find fat tires harder to pedal. The large tire does create more friction with the ground, but adjusting the tire pressure may help.

Additionally, you can adjust between seven speeds. These gear changes can help make riding a more comfortable experience.

On the topic of comfort, you’ll likely want to upgrade the seat and chain on this bike. The saddle is a bit small and uncomfortable to ride, as well as positioning issues.

Unfortunately, the chain isn’t the best quality. The derailleur is the most challenging part to assemble, contributing to chain issues.

You may indulge in some extra costs for upgrades, but it’s a solid base bike. You’re sure to have the frame for a long time, and the upgrading process could be a form of customization.

If you aren’t confident about assembling this bike, it may be best to take it to a local shop or professional who can do it for you.

Still, this is a great mountain bike for heavy riders. It also has a large 26″ wheel, so it comfortably seats 5’6″ to 6′ cyclists.

It’s a bike that can handle a challenge and is ready for experienced riders and beginners alike.

While some people may have issues with the bike for everyday riding, others might find it the perfect fit. Try out this bike and see how it works for you.


  • Extra wide fat tires for all terrain
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Well-known brand


  • Expect to upgrade some parts
  • Difficult to travel with

4. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle 

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Bike, Three Wheel Cruiser, 24-Inch Wheels, Low Step-Through Aluminum Frame, Adjustable Handlebars, Large Cruiser Seat, Rear Folding Basket, 1-Speed, Slate Blue

One of the best bikes for beginner heavy riders is the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle, offering maximum support and stability. This option comes with either 24″ or 26″ wheels and has a 350 lb capacity.

This weight limit doesn’t include the extra capacity of the large basket attached to the back of the bike, which can hold up to 44 lbs. Many large riders comfortably enjoy this option.

The built-in basket is also convenient for those looking for a bike to take on their commute. Easily store groceries or other goods.

One of the best features is that the tricycle format is incredibly stable. If you’ve never tried a bike before or feel insecure about one, this bike makes it easy to hop on and ride.

Schwinn focuses on rider comfort, and this model also includes a step-thru frame which allows easy mounting. The cruiser seat is another addition that should make long journeys comfortable.

Depending on the wheel size you choose, this bike can accommodate riders from 5’3″ to 6′.

Three wheels have many benefits, but it does create a few issues you should consider.

First, the bike has an awkward and heavy frame that is difficult to assemble. It’s best to consider taking this bike to a professional to have it built and adjusted.

You may also find options for storing this bike and traveling with it challenging because of its bulky size.

Finally, if you have past experiences with biking, maneuvering this will take an adjustment period. Beginners may not experience this issue at all. However, steering is quite different than other bicycles and requires no leaning.

Overall, this bike is an excellent option for those who are excited to try biking but feel limited by other biking methods. The frame is incredibly stable and can comfortably seat heavy riders with their belongings.


  • Extremely stable, beginner-friendly design
  • Large basket for commute and travel
  • Quality brand


  • Very heavy and awkward to travel with
  • Recommends expert assembly

5. VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike

VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 15Ah Removable Larger Battery 26'' Fat Tire Ebike 28MPH Snow Beach Mountain E-Bike Shimano 7-Speed Black/Gray

Finally, the VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike is a big, powerful option with 26″ fat tire wheels and a 750W motor. This may be the best bike for heavy riders between 5’5″ and 6’4″, with a maximum capacity of 330 lbs.

Fat tire bikes are best for handling off-road terrains, making this option ideal for riding trails. It will still ride smoothly on flat surfaces, but the extra tire surface can make it slightly harder to pedal.

Electric assistance comes in levels, with a handy throttle to add extra speed when necessary. But it’s good to know that if you’re on a long ride or forget to charge your bike, it may be difficult to pedal without motor assistance.

Throughout owning it, you might encounter issues with the derailleur. This mechanism is what shifts bike gears. If these problems occur, you may be able to replace the derailleur, and it could be best to search for upgrades.

Still, this bike offers a comfortable ride. It can make riding a bike an easy, delightful experience, and the fat tires add an extra layer of stability. The bright headlights and hydraulic braking systems make it safe for commuting.

The sturdy design does come at a cost. Overall, this bike weighs 70 lbs. It can be difficult if you plan on traveling with it or need to store it in a small space.

Altogether, it’s an ideal bike for heavy people interested in more intensive exercise, mountain biking, or a heavy-duty commute option.


  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • Stable fat tire design
  • Bright, built-in headlight


  • Tough to pedal without electric assistance
  • Heavy 70 lb bike

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen so many options for the best bikes for heavy people, it can be challenging to choose which one is for you.

Below is a complete buyer’s guide to help with the process, detailing everything you should consider before you decide which bike you’d like.

Carrying Weight 

First, it’s crucial to consider the carrying weight of your bike. This factor can impact many plans, like how to travel with or store the bike.

For some people, a 70 lb bike will not be an issue, while others may be uncomfortable if they must move one more than 50 lbs. The weight of your bike can also impact how difficult it is to pedal, as it’s harder to get more weight moving.

Additionally, if the bike requires assembly or maintenance, you’ll have to deal with its weight. You should prepare if an emergency occurs and you may have to walk the bike back.

The weight is something many need to consider when deciding on electric bikes, as the motors and batteries always add weight.

Keep all of this in mind when you see how heavy a bike is, as it can also have a significant impact on travel plans.

Travel Plans 

Next for choosing the best bike for heavy riders is the travel ability. Some people may want a bike that stays in their garage and takes them around the neighborhood.

For others, traveling with a bike might be a necessity. Many options for bike racks require you to be able to lift and position the bike, meaning the weight and size of it can be very important to consider.

Additionally, consider how large your vehicle is and how well it can accommodate different sizes of bikes.

If you don’t own some of this equipment, it may also be a costly addition to having the bike to think of ahead of time.

Riding Comfort 

Riding comfort seems straightforward, but it can be easy to overlook when choosing a bike.

For the best riding comfort, you need to consider the bike’s height, the position of the handlebars, and the seat size. Many of these depend on personal preference and measurements.

Generally, the best bikes for heavy riders tend to have larger seats. Luckily, seats are usually an option you can replace on bikes.

Your riding comfort may also depend on your experience with bikes. Fat tire options or tricycles will have significantly more stable riding experiences than other bikes.

The extra stability assistance can make bike riding much more comfortable for some. Fat tire bikes also cushion mountain biking and riding on uneven surfaces.

You can test out bikes in local shops to get a feel for your preferences before deciding which options are the most comfortable.

Weight Capacity 

Of course, one of the most important things to consider when finding the best bikes for heavy people is the weight capacity.

When you notice a bike’s weight capacity, you may also want to consider if you plan on biking with bags. Regular commuters may travel with a decent additional weight in belongings, contributing to the overall capacity.


Finally, add-ons are something you should consider when deciding on the financial aspects of buying a bike.

This section partially includes the add-ons that come with the bike. For instance, some bikes come with bright headlights or with baskets. These can be very beneficial features.

You might also want to consider the quality of the original features and if you want to replace them with upgrades. If that’s the case, finding a cheaper bike with a simple frame you can upgrade similarly may be worth it.

There are also a wide array of add-ons you may want to purchase for any bike, including but not limited to:

  • Car racks for travel
  • Biking safety gear
  • Headlights and brake lights
  • Reflectors
  • Bells or horns
  • Water bottle holders
  • Baskets or saddlebags
  • Different seats
  • Upgraded handlebars
  • Phone carrier
  • Specialized pedals

Biking can be an exciting hobby for you to explore, and customizing the experience with these accessories can be a fun part of the sport.


Biking is a fun hobby, ideal exercise, and a relaxing way to commute. Don’t feel restricted from this habit, but be confident when you ride on one of these best bikes for heavy people.

There are bikes for every option, whether you want to commute on electric motors, mountain bike offroad, or just take cruises through the neighborhood.

When you choose your bike, consider how you plan to use it ahead, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a smooth riding experience.